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‘N’ is for Nom Nom

Nom Nom Tacos and Tequila takes its name in part from the elated eating noises of Cookie Monster. While he’d need a Choco Taco for his consumable of choice (served on the side), you’ll certainly enjoy the rest of this tasty menu. Nom Nom offers 10 a la carte tacos priced from $3 to $5 […]

Good Grub on Tap This Spring

For all the advances in patio-warming technology, there’s nothing quite like shaking off winter’s shackles to enjoy true outdoor dining. The Tap offers generous patio seating overlooking the State Street corridor to Purdue University. It’s a good way to enjoy the bustling campus vibe and strong food options among what the Tap (located in the […]

Make Time for the Tick Tock

You won’t find the Tick Tock Tavern on Greater Lafayette’s traditional trail of restaurants. Tucked off N. Ninth St., it’s the kind of spot where regulars inquire about tomorrow’s specials while savoring the special they ordered today. The Tick Tock has been an institution for more than 70 years, maintaining its name since its 1947 […]

Rethink Thin at Azzip Pizza

Acknowledging that pizza is the ultimate subjective cuisine, indulge us once again in the crust debate. Some crave the cracker-like consistency of thin crust. Others find it a wobbly wafer weighed down by a messy mound of toppings. Much as its name flips the script on what it sells, Azzip Pizza inverts the idea that […]

Always Something Brewing

Lafayette Brewing Company was slinging craft beers before it was the cool thing, and they’ve got the stats to back it up. They were Indiana’s first brewery to receive a small-brewers permit (nearly 30 years ago) and they’re currently the state’s second-oldest operating brewery. Like any brewpub, beer is LBC’s bread and butter. Its actual […]

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