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how we are governed

Tipmont Bylaws

As a non-profit cooperative, Tipmont is locally governed by a seven-member board of directors elected by the membership. The Bylaws are a legal document outlining how the board is to govern the cooperative. It is the foundation that Tipmont is built upon.

In general, the bylaws define the basic rights and responsibilities of Tipmont members and the basic responsibilities of directors and management, including the board’s authority, how Tipmont’s finances work and membership procedures.


What Do The Bylaws Contain?

Tipmont’s Bylaws are organized into sections, with most sections broken up into subsections. Following are the sections of Tipmont’s Bylaws:

  • Cooperative membership
  • Member meetings and member voting
  • Board of directors
  • Board meetings and director voting
  • Required officers, indemnification and insurance
  • Disposition of cooperative assets
  • Cooperative operation

The board reviews the Bylaws on a routine basis. Tipmont members with any questions regarding the Bylaws should contact Member Service at 800-726-3953 or send us a message.

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