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For Members

Tipmont’s exceptional workforce is dedicated to to safely providing you with reliable and affordable electricity. With a quality product at a competitive price, Tipmont is poised to leverage its strength to help its members in the future.

As an electric cooperative, Tipmont is non-profit and focused on long-term stability and value delivered to you. Our success is measured by your overall satisfaction with the products and services we offer. Your satisfaction is our profit.

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Learn more about your monthly billing statement

Tipmont’s Annual Meeting gives members like you the opportunity to vote for the directors who serve you.

Indiana Connection is the award-winning publication of Indiana’s electric cooperative community.

Any revenues left over after covering our operating expenses and saving for emergencies are allocated back to our members. These allocations are called capital credits.

Find out what days the Tipmont offices will be closed. 

Security lights are outdoor light fixtures for use on your property to enhance the safety and security of your home, outbuildings and/or premises.

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