Preparing for winter storms

When winter arrives, Hoosiers are never sure of what to expect. Indiana winters include everything from heavy snows, to freezing rain, to ice storms — sometimes all in one day. All of those forms of winter weather can create electrical hazards warns Indiana Electric Cooperatives. “Being safe around electricity is a year-round need, but Indiana […]

Offices closed due to winter storm

Due to the winter storm, our offices are closed until further notice. Our electric line crews are on call to respond to any service outages.

Tipmont responds to Virginia winter storm damage

Four Tipmont REMC lineworkers are part of a 30-person delegation of crews and equipment to assist with the power restoration effort in Virginia after winter storms moved through the state. The area’s electric distribution system sustained major damage. The lineworkers left Monday for Rappahannock Electric Cooperative in Culpeper, Virginia, to assist in the power recovery effort […]

Be prepared for winter storms

We’re accustomed to the damage that spring and summer storms can wreak; don’t forget, though, that the ice and wind of winter can be just as dangerous and just as harmful. In the event of an outage, we’re prepared to restore power as quickly as it’s safe to do so.   Are you prepared to […]