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Big Ideas Become Big Accomplishments

Tipmont accomplishes big things. Many cooperatives can’t say that for themselves. Big things often encompass uncertainty and risk, and Tipmont’s board of directors considers those. But we prioritize what matters most — positive outcomes for those who trust us to serve their best interests.

I’m honored to represent District 4 and to chair a group of highly skilled people who govern with informed insight, collaborative consideration and a fearlessness to always think big for your benefit.

Amid supply chain and pricing volatility, Tipmont has retained strong value, managed costs where possible and maintained the excellence you expect. We also continue to pursue a fair, flexible power supply. As we await a decision on exiting our existing contract, we applaud a 2022 federal court ruling in Tipmont’s favor — which can only improve the terms of any future contract. This strengthens our resolve to keep fighting for you. (Learn more at fightingforyou.tipmont.org.)

Electric infrastructure improvements have increased reliability. In 2022, our reliability rate was 99.98% and service-restoration time improved by 30% from 2021. After late June’s straight-line winds (the Midwest equivalent of a hurricane), some neighboring communities went without power for several days. Tipmont restored service to most affected members within 24 hours and to all members within 36 hours. Many thanks to our linemen and their support crews for serving you safely and swiftly.

That storm also broke 18 poles. There would have been more if not for our fiber-to-the-home project, which has prompted system-wide installation of sturdier poles. We’re on track for everyone on Tipmont lines to have access to sufficient broadband by the end of 2024. Plus, our broadband prices have held steady since the outset, and we have no immediate plan to raise them. We also reject industry practices of promotional pricing, fine print, hidden costs and service restrictions that only serve to boost a company’s profit.

Tipmont also champions community engagement — funding projects through EnviroWatts and Operation Round Up programs and assisting with networking technology for an upcoming Lafayette Habitat for Humanity home.

Your feedback confirms we’re on the right path. This year, Tipmont’s score on the American Consumer Satisfaction Index — a standard metric for performance — hit a record 87 out of 100. Compared to national averages, that’s 14% above other co-ops, 18% above investor-owned utilities and 26% above internet service providers.

Engagement from members like you is pivotal to our identity and governance. I thank you for your engagement with our cooperative, and I thank the board for its courage to see beyond risk and pursue rewards that better your life and your community.

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April 2, 2024
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