Biggs Eager to Enhance Safety Culture at Tipmont

Jon Biggs comes to Tipmont after most recently serving as the senior safety specialist for Purdue’s energy and utilities department, and is excited for the opportunity to further optimize Tipmont’s focus on safety.

Preparing for winter storms

When winter arrives, Hoosiers are never sure of what to expect. Indiana winters include everything from heavy snows, to freezing rain, to ice storms — sometimes all in one day. All of those forms of winter weather can create electrical hazards warns Indiana Electric Cooperatives. “Being safe around electricity is a year-round need, but Indiana […]

Be Safe Around Electricity When Moving Farm Equipment

With the arrival of harvest time, Indiana’s farmers are shifting into high gear as they move into their fields to bring in their crops. All that increased activity puts farmers and farm workers at greater risk, warns Jon Elkins, vice president of safety, training and compliance at Indiana Electric Cooperatives. “Combines and grain augers are […]

Create an electrical safety plan before you plant a tree

Trees and power lines often coexist without problems. However, there are precautions to take when planting a tree. Not only do dangers lurk for the person planting the tree, nearby power lines and trees can be harmed as well. Trees growing too close to electrical lines are the primary cause of momentary short circuits and […]

Understanding Your Home’s Electrical System

Many understand the ins-and-outs of their phones, TVs and computers, but what about the electrical system that keeps your home ticking? Here are some key things to know about safely operating your home’s electrical system.