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How Wintek differs from Spectrum and other national internet providers

Tipmont Wintek is proud to participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This federal subsidy offers a $30 monthly discount on broadband service to eligible customers. For example: On Wintek’s entry-level $65/month plan, an eligible ACP customer pays Wintek $35 and Wintek is reimbursed the remaining $30. (The $30 ACP discount can also apply to […]

Sweet Itineraries and Safe Identities

Just as you’d lock the doors to your home when you travel, it’s wise to lock up your identity, too. Here are ways to protect your identity so you can focus on vacation, not frustration. BEFORE YOU LEAVE Give your bank a heads-up: Tell them when and where you’ll be traveling to avoid unexpectedly blocked […]

Weekend internet support now available

Wintek’s new technical support hours help ensure your internet is working for the weekend! We’re excited to expand our technical support capabilities for all of our customers. Need help? Give us a call at 800-726-3953 or email memberservice@tipmont.org. Weekend Support Hours Our unrivaled local customer support for residential internet service is now available from: 7 […]

Smell Phishy? It Likely Is.

On internet time, phishing has been around as long as … well, actual fishing. Phishing is a fraudulent email sent from what appears to be a reputable source but that is actually sent by cybercriminals. They hope you’ll click links in the email and give up personal information, passwords and / or credit card numbers […]

Avoid Anxiety and Create a Content Backup Plan

Back up your files. Please. You’ve got enough going on without that sinking feeling of losing thousands of photos and songs … or the paper you stayed up all night to write. Drives fail. Devices fall. Accidents happen. Avoid anxiety and create a plan to back up your files. Yes, it’s one more thing. At […]

Tips to Share with Care on Social Media

Social media lets you amplify your attitude, promote your passions and champion your creativity. Maybe you’ll create the next TikTok dance craze. Perhaps your path to Instagram-influencer fame starts today. There’s no speedier way to share your social media updates than using Wintek’s blazing-fast fiber connection. But don’t always be so quick to click. Always […]

Simple Choices Help Ensure You’re Secure

“What’s your Wi-Fi password?” After your address (and maybe where the bathroom is), it’s the most crucial info for someone visiting your new digs for the first time. If you have Wintek internet service at home, don’t worry. Your visitors will eventually notice all the cool stuff you’ve done with the place. It’s good to […]

Update on in-home internet installations

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered life for nearly everyone as we work to slow the rate of transmission and flatten the curve. An unfortunate circumstance of the social distancing measures is how they’ve exposed the limitations faced by communities still waiting for high-speed internet service from Wintek. At the outset of the pandemic, Wintek suspended […]

Introducing Wintek, internet with hometown pride!

Our fiber internet service is now Wintek, powered by Tipmont. At Tipmont, our mission is to empower our communities by providing state-of the art essential services. In our ever more-connected world, we rely on the internet every day, just like we all need electricity. After evaluating the possibility of offering internet, TV, and phone services, […]

Free Roku Premiere for customers in our first build area!

If you’re in our first build area, sign up for service by June 30 and receive a free Roku Premiere! What is a Roku Premiere? Roku Premiere is a small device that fits in the palm of your hand and plugs into the back of your existing television. It comes with a basic remote control […]

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