Avoid Anxiety and Create a Content Backup Plan

Back up your files. Please. You’ve got enough going on without that sinking feeling of losing thousands of photos and songs … or the paper you stayed up all night to write. Drives fail. Devices fall. Accidents happen. Avoid anxiety and create a plan to back up your files.

Yes, it’s one more thing. At the same time, it’s not. It’s everything you’ve saved, from schoolwork to silly stuff. Once you set a routine, it’s pretty easy. You could even automate it for while you’re sleeping!

How often should you back up files? Ideally, every day. Barring that, weekly is your best bet.

Create an inventory to ensure you have all the files you need. Your computer likely has a built-in backup process to help you out, like saving to OneDrive for Windows users or using Time Machine on Macs.

Saving manually to a portable / external hard drive? Keep it separated from the device you’re backing up. If something bad happens in the room with your device, that could take down your backup, too.

Cloud storage is generally the best bet for backups — available wherever and whenever you need it, and located offsite to avoid catastrophe. There are many simple, low-cost solutions like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud or Dropbox. And when you’ve got blazing-fast internet speed from Wintek, you won’t have to worry about transfer speeds.

So, go enjoy life and all of its wonders… and with all of your files intact!

Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers is Tipmont's Communication Manager. He joined Tipmont REMC in 2021. Nick has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In a previous life, he covered arts & entertainment and continues to publish film reviews. He loves movies (big shocker!) as well as rooting for the Chicago Cubs and trying new restaurants. He lives in Lafayette with his wife and dogs.

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