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Why are we here?

We recently received a heartwarming note via our Facebook page:

“I’m not sure who the gentleman was at McDonald’s, but the side of his truck said Tipmont REMC. He helped me and my daughter and I’d just like to say it really made our day. My daughter started crying and said there are still people out there that care.”

Of all the communications that cross my desk each day, these are the most rewarding because it reassures me that Tipmont’s staff is out living our mission to empower our communities every day.

I would argue that most companies exist to maximize self-benefit. They figure out how to do what their customers want, with the least amount of effort and the least risk of failure. The bottom line drives every action. What sets Tipmont apart is that our primary intent is the exact opposite.

Tipmont exists to maximize your benefit – to empower you with tools and capabilities for success. We don’t aim to just provide reliable power or fast internet. We aim to be an invaluable resource to the communities we serve.

Consider our energy efficiency programs. We want you to buy less of what Tipmont has to sell. In most other organizations, including investor-owned utilities, this is a completely foreign concept. Helping you save money on your monthly electric bill is consistent with our mission.

In that vein, we’re starting to plan some exciting energy efficiency initiatives for next year. Early next year, we’ll launch a rebate for the Sense energy management system. Sense installs in your home’s electrical panel and provides insight into your energy use to manage your home more efficiently.

We’re also preparing a new electric vehicles section on our website. The content will help you research electric vehicles, locate EV charging stations (there are 11 in our service area today), and calculate your estimated savings based on our residential kWh rate.

A quick note on our fiber build: I’m pleased to share we crossed one of the last remaining hurdles in our Battle Ground build area by obtaining the INDOT permit that was preventing us from constructing along State Road 43. By the time this magazine lands in homes, we should be nearly finished with construction and ready to begin in-home installations.

Picture of Ron Holcomb

Ron Holcomb

Ron is a 30-year veteran of the electric utility industry with extensive experience in power supply, advanced grid technologies, essential service operations, economic development and value-driven growth initiatives for combined electric and telecommunication utilities. During his career, he has led three utilities as President/CEO and provided management consulting to utilities across the country. Ron joined Tipmont as CEO in summer 2013. He holds a B.S. in Physics from Austin Peay State University and an MBA from Murray State University.

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