Capital credits: your piece of the pie

When you sign up for electric service with Tipmont, you became a member and a part-owner of a non-profit electric cooperative. Capital credits are your piece of Tipmont’s success, both today and in the future. Why we pay capital credits Because Tipmont is a cooperative, owned by its members, it does not technically earn profits. […]

Operating efficiently

Last month, we looked at Tipmont’s borrowing strategy and how it helps maintain stable rates. We also showed how good borrowing decisions have kept Tipmont’s interest rates well below the median for cooperatives across the country. A smart borrowing strategy lays the foundation for creating operating efficiencies – which ultimately leads to a better value […]

Borrowing to create value for you

Last month, we examined Tipmont’s reliability and found that 2015 was one of Tipmont’s most reliable years to date, reducing our outages by 41 percent from 2014. A big part of that success is the significant investment in infrastructure upgrades and our tree-trimming program, which we moved from a six-year to a three-year cycle. We […]