Launching Connection Conversations

Connection Conversations is an initiative to gather data on member interest and current provider speeds in areas with existing broadband providers.

Service charge increase takes effect this month

As I wrote last month, Tipmont is not immune to inflationary pressure. Costs have increased to deliver the reliable electricity you expect. As specific examples, the cost of poles has gone up by 33% since 2020, the cost of wires used most often has risen by 16%, and transformers now cost 200% to 300% more […]

Tipmont Wintek Kilowatts and Brats in February 2023

news Tipmont Wintek has scheduled a series of Kilowatts & Brats member meetings this coming February. You can read the wrap up from the 2022 meetings. Enjoy a tasty brat on us and hear from President/CEO Ron Holcomb and other key Tipmont Wintek staff about the latest in our fiber-optic broadband rollout, our fight for […]

Electric rates to increase in early 2023

As Tipmont REMC Board Chairman Brent Bible wrote in October’s Indiana Connection: Inflation makes everything cost more. More specifically, per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, general prices in our nation over the last decade have increased by nearly 30%. As Bible also noted, American energy costs have thankfully held that tide a bit. […]