Brent Bible

Brent Bible

District 4

Brent Bible was born and raised in southern Tippecanoe County, near Stockwell. He graduated as valedictorian of his McCutcheon High School class in 1992, and then attended Purdue University, earning a B.S. degree in Agricultural Economics in 1998. In 1995, Brent became a trooper with the Indiana State Police. During 12 years of active duty, he had numerous opportunities and experiences, including being involved in the planning and coordination of the 2001 Farm Progress Show held south of Lafayette, as well as a multitude of sporting events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and working alongside REMC employees in 2005 during relief efforts on the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

His last charge with the Indiana State Police was serving as a captain in the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division, which is charged with truck and bus safety issues in Indiana. At that posting, he had supervisory responsibility for 125 employees and oversaw a $7 million state and federal budget. As the Department’s representative to the Indiana General Assembly for commercial vehicle issues, as well as a representative to the Department of Transportation and the international Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Brent had the opportunity to participate in crafting legislation and policy aimed at enhancing safety on our highways as it relates to large truck and bus traffic. In 2007, a previous trauma injury to both lower legs necessitated his taking a medical retirement from the State Police. Since then, he has managed his family’s farming operation in southern Tippecanoe and northern Montgomery counties.

Brent’s wife, Stacy, was a pharmacist for over 10 years with Arnett Clinic and is currently a pharmacist with the Kroger Company, working at the Payless store on Greenbush Street in Lafayette. Brent and Stacy have a large family of pets and live south of Lafayette near the Tipmont REMC Pop Center Substation. They attend the Stockwell United Methodist Church, where Brent serves as the treasurer and building committee chairman. He is a member of the Mulberry Masonic Lodge and a Purdue FarmHouse fraternity advisor.

As energy costs continue to outpace other inflationary factors, it is important that we maintain the structural integrity of our REMC, as this has proven to be a safe, effective, and efficient means of providing for the electrical needs of our community.