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Fiber Construction Update: October 2021

Crews and contractors continue to build better in-home internet from Wintek powered byTipmont. Find your location below, consult the color key, and find more details below if your area has a number.

wintek construction 2021 10

Announcing a new build area!

We’re excited to announce that engineering designs and pre-construction are underway in the Manson build area. Right now, we’re looking to start construction there in October, with member installations beginning in early 2022. Timelines are subject to change, so make sure you’ve registered at join.wintek.com to get the latest updates.

  1. Roberts
    • We’re in the middle of fiber line testing and will open orders shortly thereafter. Register at wintek.com/getstarted so you can be first in line to order service!
  2. Darlington East and West
  3. Cherry Grove
  4. Darlington East and West
    • Construction continues, and we anticipate that installations will begin in fall 2021. Show your interest at join.wintek.com.
  5. Cherry Grove
    • Construction is slated to begin in August, with installations slated to start in fall 2021. Visit join.wintek.com so we can meet your need for speed.
  6. Clarks Hill – Bowers
    • Testing on the fiber line will begin soon, with orders opening shortly thereafter. Register at wintek.com/getstarted so we can connect you when you’re ready!
  7. Manson
    • We’re still on track to begin construction this month. Tell us you’re ready for better internet at wintek.com/getstarted!
  8. Layton
    • Engineering design and pre-construction are underway in Layton, our newest fiber build area. Right now, we’re looking to start construction in February 2022. Let us know you’re interested at wintek.com/getstarted.

Don’t see a number over your area? It’s either already in service or we’ll start work there soon.

How soon will I get Wintek internet?

Indiana is preparing another round of grant funding that we hope will further accelerate our fiber build timeline. We’re actively gathering data to share with our grant applications. Look for more information in an upcoming edition of Indiana Connection!

Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers is Tipmont's Communication Manager. He joined Tipmont REMC in 2021. Nick has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In a previous life, he covered arts & entertainment and continues to publish film reviews. He loves movies (big shocker!) as well as rooting for the Chicago Cubs and trying new restaurants. He lives in Lafayette with his wife and dogs.

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