Hit The Sweet Spot With Miss Sugar

Although it’s technically autumn now, it’s the time of year that we latch onto the last few shreds of summer we can find — a few more splashes in the pool, rounds of golf, and evenings relaxing outside … even if we occasionally need some jackets or blankets.

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While ice cream is hardly (and thankfully) not seasonal, Miss Sugar is here to help you squeeze in one more summer memory to tide you over during the fall and winter. Located in downtown West Lafayette, the dessert shop specializes in rolled ice cream. What is that, you ask? Envision the look of a fruit roll-up and a texture with less density and (with a smaller amount of both sugar and calories in its preparation) less guilt over your indulgence.

What began as a popular Thailand street food has become an international inversion of an ice cream treat. The liquid combination of milk, cream and sugar is poured onto a subzero-temperature ice pan and manipulated until it slightly thickens. Depending on what you order, additional ingredients are dropped in and the mix is then spread into a thin layer.

A spatula is then used to cut the sheet into rolls, served to you vertically in a cup and topped with your favorite fixings. Part of the experience of ordering rolled ice cream is watching someone make it, and you’re encouraged to gaze upon the preparation of this delectable delight at Miss Sugar.

There are several flavorful concoctions from which to choose, or you can build your own. No matter what you select, you get to choose one of four drizzles (chocolate, caramel, strawberry or condensed milk) and up to three toppings — which span everything from traditional sprinkles, candies and fruits to tapioca balls and chocolate-coated Pocky biscuit sticks.

I went with the aptly named Cheesecake Wonderland, a blend of strawberry ice cream and cheesecake pieces with toppings of whipped cream, sprinkles, graham crackers and strawberry syrup. As difficult as it might be to not immediately dive in, I encourage you to enjoy the mere appearance and artistry of this dessert for a few moments before you devour it.

Miss Sugar also offers a variety of teas, milks, fruit drinks and sparkling waters, as well as an assortment of cookies and other pastries. I recommend taking home a sampling of their macarons, meringue-based sandwich cookies that come in Strawberry Smoothie, Crème Brulee, Matcha Tea and many more flavors. Indeed, a visit to Miss Sugar offers enough sweetness to sustain you until the sun starts to stick around a bit longer.


  • Miss Sugar
  • 107 N. Chauncey Ave.
  • West Lafayette, IN
  • Hours- 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
  • misssugardessert.com


  • Thai Ice cream: $6.50
  • Teas / Milks / Sparkling Waters / Fruit Drinks: $3.75 to $5.50
  • Pastries / Cookies: Prices Vary
Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers is Tipmont's Communication Manager. He joined Tipmont REMC in 2021. Nick has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In a previous life, he covered arts & entertainment and continues to publish film reviews. He loves movies (big shocker!) as well as rooting for the Chicago Cubs and trying new restaurants. He lives in Lafayette with his wife and dogs.

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