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How to choose the right streaming service for you

Streaming is a new way to get the same TV channels you know and love over your internet connection versus a satellite or cable connection.

There are many benefits to streaming:

  • It generally costs less than traditional satellite or cable.
  • There are no set-top boxes with required monthly fees.
  • There are no contracts, so you have more control over the services to which you subscribe.
  • Mobile apps allow you to watch your favorite shows on the go.

There are still a lot of choices when it comes to available streaming services. How do you choose the ones that are right for you? Here’s how to get started:

  • Make a list of must-have channels or shows. In my home, these include any channel that will have Purdue University basketball and football … and the Hallmark Channel for my wife.
  • Visit streaming.wintek.com on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Answer the questions there, then the website will show you which streaming service(s) it recommends for your needs.
  • Click the streaming service logo to compare key features. These features could include DVR recording, the number of streams you can have going at one time, and 4K video capabilities.
  • Ensure you have a streaming-capable TV (or smart TV) or a streaming device for your TV. We recommend the Roku, as it’s easy to use and features a wide variety of available streaming apps.
  • Finally, sign up for a free trial with a streaming service to ensure you like it. Most offer at least a one-week free trial.
Rob Ford

Rob Ford

Rob Ford is Tipmont and Wintek's communication director, a role he's held since 2015. Rob has a bachelor's and a master's in Communication from Purdue University. He lives in West Lafayette with his wife and three children and has a life-sized Yoda statue in his office. Away from the office, you’ll find Rob working on his golf swing, jump shot, or hope for a Purdue basketball national title – all futile endeavors.

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