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Big Achievements, Brighter Forecasts

It’s good to reflect on accomplishments at year’s end. You often have more than you immediately remember, maybe even a few that the old you never imagined. It’s especially important at the close of a year defined by uncertainty and worry.

That uncertainty is the state in which Tipmont finalized its 2021 budget in late 2020. Responsible stewardship of your cooperative is a top priority for Tipmont. At the time, our leadership team and board of directors wisely chose a cautious and conservative course.

In doing so, Tipmont is forgoing capital credit payments to our members for 2021. As a not-for-profit cooperative, Tipmont allocates revenue that remains after operational expenses and saving for emergencies back to its members in the form of capital credits. (Learn more about the program at tipmont.com/capitalcredits.) Few eras have been so easily defined as emergencies as these last two years, so we planned accordingly.

Tipmont did continue providing estate retirements to members’ selected beneficiaries. We also enhanced our electric reliability and progressed our fiber build. In the last two years, we’ve replaced 560 poles — 376 in 2021 alone, well above the 50 we replaced annually pre-fiber. New poles help support fiber lines and can better withstand the winter weather that’s just weeks away. We also spent much of 2021 fighting to stabilize your long-term power supply costs. (Learn more at fightingforyou.tipmont.org.)

I’m also pleased to report that our 2022 budget plan includes a resumption of capital credit payments next year. It’s just one of many initiatives that set coops like us apart from other utilities. We work to build and maintain your trust every day, hope that you and those close to you enjoy this holiday season, and look forward to what 2022 will bring.


Our holiday wish is that all Tipmont members can rest, rejoice and rejuvenate. We also recognize that, for some, it will be a time of hardship. For those who may struggle, here are available area options for bill assistance.

You can also reach out to local township trustees and churches for assistance programs they may offer.

Consider supporting Operation Round Up

If you’re not already supporting Operation Round Up, there’s no better time than now.

Anyone who signs up for Operation Round Up from now through December 31, 2021 will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift card. Plus, we’ll also provide a $25 gift card to a charity of your choice in our greater service area.

Ron Holcomb

Ron Holcomb

Ron is a 30-year veteran of the electric utility industry with extensive experience in power supply, advanced grid technologies, essential service operations, economic development and value-driven growth initiatives for combined electric and telecommunication utilities. During his career, he has led three utilities as President/CEO and provided management consulting to utilities across the country. Ron joined Tipmont as CEO in summer 2013. He holds a B.S. in Physics from Austin Peay State University and an MBA from Murray State University.

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